The Carmel of Maria Regina
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Life at Carmel

At six in the morning, the Angelus bell is ringing and the nuns are gathered in the chapel to begin another day of love, prayer, and sacrifice for the Church and the world.  Following the Angelus is an hour of silent private prayer.  The community prays Lauds, the first hour of the Liturgy of the Hours at 7:00 am.  Shortly after, the daily Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated in the chapel at which members of the laity also attend. 


And so each day unfolds with periods of manual labor, meals, recreation, spiritual reading and rest punctuated throughout with communal and private prayer.  Cooking, cleaning, care of the chapel and sacristy, necessary business, altar bread work, sewing, laundry and numerous other occupations fill the times of manual labor. 


The two hours of recreation, one after the midday meal and one following the evening meal are times for sharing and laughter.  During the day, except at recreation, there is as much silence as possible to help create an atmosphere conducive to prayer.


Ordinarily the nuns remain within the confines of the monastery designated for their residence and use.  They go out for very necessary needs such as doctor or dental appointments or shopping or business which cannot be handled otherwise.


To further create an atmosphere for prayer, the nuns strive for a simple lifestyle lived within the community while practicing self-denial.  The enclosure, silence, and solitude are not ends in themselves, but a means to create an atmosphere for prayer and a space in one’s life for our Lord. 

The Carmelite Order from its inception has sought the patronage of our Lady.  The nuns strive to imitate the example of Her virtues and prayer.  Like St. Therese they seek to be “love in the heart of the Church.”

For the Faith 
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