The Carmel of Maria Regina
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Prayer Intentions of the Carmel

Each day at the part of the Mass called "The Prayers of the Faithful", one of the Sisters will call out some prayer intentions.  Some of these are prescribed for all Masses and include such intentions like support for the Holy Father and the Archbishop.  In addition, Sister may read a more personal intention from the Carmel.  Examples of these include praying "for" or "against" specific circumstances, events, behaviors and so forth.  For example, in recent months, the Sisters have been praying for victims of natural disasters, against human trafficking, for kindness and against any form of abuse, and praying that our leaders will work toward the common good and with an awareness of the presence of God. 

If you'd like to submit an intention of your own, the Sisters likewise are happy to join with you.  Intentions can be submitted in a private box at the back of the chapel.  Alternatively, you can submit one here and we will print them out and place them in the box for you. 

Prayer Intention:

For the Faith 
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