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Book Department

Listed below are books available for purchase from the Carmel of Maria Regina.  Purchases may be made by mailing a request listing the items to be purchased and the shipping address along with payment to the address below.  Checks should be made payable to Carmel of Maria Regina.

Carmel of Maria Regina
Book Department
87609 Green Hill Road
Eugene, OR  97402

Shipping and Handling:
Value of Order                S&H
$0-$10.00                      $3.00
$10.01-$20.00              $4.00
$20.01-$50.00              $6.00
$50.01-$100.00            $8.00
$100.01 and up            7% of value

Books available for purchase

Alessandra Di Rudini - The remarkable biography of the daughter of one of Italy's Premiers. She entered the Carmel of Paray-le-Monial in France, became Mother Marie of Jesus, and later founded three Carmelite monasteries in that country. $7.50 

BI. Frances of Amboise - Biography of the Duchess of Brittany, who after the death of her husband entered the convent she herself had founded in Brittany, at Couets, near Nancy. $3.75 

Carmel in the United States, 1790-1990 - A 300 page chronicle of all the U.S. Carmels, containing the history and photos of each monastery, with a chronological chart of the founda­tions, and a special index. $5.00 

Edith Stein: Thoughts - English translation of PENSIERI, published by the Postula­zione Generale, Rome.  Any book by Edith Stein is a good book.  She nevers lets the reader down.  Just be patient for a few pages:  she'll come through with something insightful and memorable.  Her autobiography and some of her other books are also displayed at the gift shop.  These can be obtained from a variety of outlets online and no doubt at the local book store.  $1.80 

Elizabeth Still Speaks - Words of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity as related by witnesses in the process of her beatification.  Here is another of one of the brightest and most beautiful that Jesus seems to favor in the OCD.   Keep Elizabeth nearby and everything gets better.  Learn about the precocious and precious child (who was Jeanette, what about the piano prodigy?).  What or who is Laudem Gloriam? $3.00 

Even to the Last Drop - Biography and Letters of Sergio Sorgon, OCD, missionary to Madagascar, martyred in 1985. $7.00 

Florilegio of St. Teresa Margaret - A booklet of her sayings. $1.05 

The King's Favorite: Louise de la Valliere - Biography of Sister Louise of Mercy, Biography of the former beautiful mistress of King Louis XIV. She became a Carmelite in the monastery of Paris where she lived until her holy death in 1710. $5.70 

Little Catechism of the Life of Prayer - by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD. $2.00 

Madame Acarie - The life of Bl. Mary of the Incarnation, translated from the French of Doctor A.R. Salmon-Malebranche. $4.00 

Mariam, the Little Arab - The life of Bl. Mary of Jesus Crucified, translated from the French of Fr. Amadee Brunot.   Read about her startlingly difficult early life and the life-saving and direct intercession of Our Lady (could this have been more touching?).  As time progressed, if anything, Mariam's life became more remarkable and mysterious: levitations to the tree-tops, utterly puzzling encounters with Satan himself along with some of his minions (they learn to leave her alone), and more.   $9.00 

Master of the Spiritual Life - Biography of Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD. Translated from the italian. $5.00 

A Modern Odyssey - The complete Spiritual Notes, together with a biography and the letters of Sister Frances of the Redemption, who, after having lived several years as a hippie, became a Carmelite nun in Sitagarha, India where she died in 1979 at the age of 32.  Frances was not religious in any sense and in fact wandered into a stimulating life of travel, excitement, and pleasure.  For reasons that are unknowable to mere mortals (Saint Teresa sometimes mused about His Majesty's seemingly random decisions to engage one or another of us, all of whom are completely undeserving), God the Father himself visited Frances while she was hiking on a mountain.  As one of her superiors in religion later noted, Frances was granted "an authentic experience of the paternity of God".   From her personal journals, we hear how she so missed her "boyfriend" and grumbled as to why God would want her to become fat and undesirable while subsisting mostly on rice in the cloister.  She had never been taught about Jesus before and couldn't fathom why she should become "all weepy-eyed over something that happened 2,000 years ago".  We see how Frances had a long way to go at the point of entering the religious life, yet she was completely determined to grow and fully engaged in the effort to regain that moment and state of being that she had experienced on the mountaintop.  $6.00 

Thoughts from Carmel, I - Booklet of short biographies and sayings of saintly Carmelites. $1.80 

Thoughts from Carmel, II - Another booklet as above. $1.80 

Union With God, According to St. John of the Cross - According to St. John of the Cross. By Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD. The first english translation made to commemorate the IV centenary of the death of St. John of the Cross.  John of the Cross, the male counterpart to Saint Teresa and co-founder of her Carmelite reform, was a little person and a true poet.  He probably considered himself to be her disciple, although she would not have let him say so nor encouraged him in that thinking.  It is true that he practiced rather severe austerities, and even more severe trials were imposed on him.  Yet he also experienced rapturous moments and ecstasies, as did Saint Teresa, and not infrequently.  Sometimes while saying Mass, which even on a typical day might take a couple of hours, he would be so carried away by the sublimity and tenderness of the experience, that he would wander off the altar, unaware of himself or anything else.  "Vuelvate, Paloma", he said:  My dove, reverse your flight!  $7.00

Leaflets $0.15

Fr. Augustine Mary

Valeria Carta

Anita Cantieri

Venerable Teresa of St. Augustine

M. Josephine of Jesus Crucified

Blessed Elia of St. Clement

Fr. Benignus Calvi 



Leaflets $0.50

St. Teresa of the Andes

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity 

Bl. Francis Palau

St. John of the Cross

St. Therese 

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